Divine Gate is a 2016 anime series directed by Noriyuki Abe and animated by Studio Pierrot. It follows the "urban legend" of the Divine Gate, which ushered an era of chaos where desires and conflict intersect. To restore order, the World Council was formed. As peace is restored, the World Council gathers boys and girls deemed fit to reach the gate for their personal objectives. Those who reach the gate can remake the world.

The first episodes will be aired on MX, KBS, SUN, TVQ, TSC, TVA, and BS11 starting on January 8, 2016 onwards. Episodes will be later made available for streaming on Docomo Anime Store, Anime Hodai, Nico Nico Douga, Rakuten SHOWTIME, U-NEXT, J:COM and Video Pass after broadcast.[1] Funimation will stream in Japanese with English subtitles, as well as with English audio.[2]

Episode List[edit | edit source]

No. Title Original airdate
EP01-01.png 01 Endless Rain
January 8, 2016
On a rainy day, a drenched young boy named Aoto cuts down a man rampaging in a running train. Under the command of Arthur of the World Council, Akane and Midori who are Adapters belonging to the subsidiary body "Academy", find out about Aoto who continues to decline admission to the school. Although they were given the order to look after Aoto, the rumors of Aoto's past make them shudder.
EP02-01.jpg 02 Inextinguishable Flame
January 15, 2016
For Akane, his father meant the world, so he cannot understand why Aoto would kill his own parents. However, Aoto does not share his story either. The colliding two run into each other later, when a patrol Driver suddenly starts to malfunction.
EP03-01.png 03 Where the Wind Went
Kaze no yukue
January 22, 2016
The memory of her and her friend is the reason why Midori pursues the Divine Gate. When Arthur announced that they will start the search of the Divine Gate, Midori has mixed feelings; She wants to find the answer to her question, but she is also afraid.
EP4-01.jpg 04 Blue Memory
Aoi kioku
January 29, 2016
Concerned about Aoto's emotional disconnect, Akane and Midori look him up on the academy server, but his information were classified. Determined, the two steal Undine's access pass and finds out that Aoto is a suspect of the Blue Christmas massacre.
EP05-01.png 05 The Defiers
Matsuro wanu min
February 5, 2016
Akane and the team go to an abandoned section for special training. During the latter part of their training, they meet a group called "The Defiers." Hybrid of human and animals, they have super strengths, and begins attacking Akane and the team.
Ep06-01.png 06 More Important Than Yourself
Jibun yori taisetsunamono
February 12, 2016
Arthur finally decides to go find the Divine Gate. He asks the members of the Knights of Rounds as well as the select few from the Academy to join him on this expedition. However, Loki and Oz set out on their own mission as well in response.
Ep07-01.png 07 Where it Began
Hajimari no ji
February 19, 2016
Lead by Arthur, the Knights of Round and the Adapters from the Academy head for the Divine Gate. Arthur explains that his wish is to destroy the Gate and return the world to its original state. However, Loki and Oz stand in their way to stop them.

Releases[edit | edit source]

Divine Gate JP Blu-ray and DVD Releases[3]
Volume Date Episodes Extras
Volume 1 April 13, 2016 1-2 Serial Code for [Divine Academy] Dante, mini drama CD, original game illustration postcards, special booklet and case sleeve.
Volume 2 May 11, 2016 3-4 Serial Code for [Divine Academy] Crowley, soundtrack part I, original game illustration postcards, and case sleeve.
Volume 3 June 08, 2016 5-6 Serial Code for an undecided/unannounced unit, TBA bonus disc, original game illustration postcards, and case sleeve.
Volume 4 July 13, 2016 7-8 Serial Code for an undecided/unannounced unit, TBA bonus disc, original game illustration postcards, and case sleeve.
Volume 5 August 03, 2016 9-10 Serial Code for an undecided/unannounced unit, soundtrack part II, original game illustration postcards, and case sleeve.
Volume 6 September 14, 2016 11-12 Serial Code for an undecided/unannounced unit, TBA bonus disc, original game illustration postcards, and case sleeve.

References[edit | edit source]

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